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He waka eke noa.

It takes a village to raise a child right? Well it is similar when it comes to building and monitoring NZL Blue Belt sites. We have established a collaboration with a collective of organisations deeply committed to ocean restoration and we are all in Moanamana together. Here is who is involved and how they are contributing to the Moanamana kaupapa.

Live Ocean, New Zealand Marine Studies Centre and Coastal People Southern Skies.

Live Ocean Foundation, in collaboration with the NZ Marine Studies Centre at the University of Otago and the Coastal People Southern Skies Centre of Research Excellence, provide ākonga and their communities with advice to ensure their NZL Blue Belt initiatives have ‘scientific rigour’. They also support ākonga and their communities to use the NZL Blue Belt census tools, including ‘marine metre squared’, to measure the impact that their efforts are having over time.

Experiencing Marine Reserves.

Experiencing Marine Reserves are facilitating snorkeling skill development sessions for ākonga and the general public at NZL Blue Belt sites. They will also support ākonga and their communities to undertake NZL Blue Belt censuses to measure the impact that their marine restoration, protection and conservation efforts are having over time.

Blake NZ.

Blake NZ provide ākonga with virtual reality opportunities to experience the rich biodiversity that exists below the surface of the ocean, as well as the damage that has been done to these ecosystems. They also facilitate a five-day wānanga for ākonga and community leaders of NZL Blue Belt sites. This wānanga helps ākonga and community leaders get a sense of what is possible and, in the process, refine their planning for action at their local NZL Blue Belt site.

Te Toki Voyaging Trust.

Te Toki Voyaging Trust in partnership with SailGP Technologies will deliver a five-day waka hourua technology wānanga to reinforce the development of skills by ākonga involved in the construction of wakatere. The wānanga involves an ocean voyage and concludes with a visit to SailGP Technologies. During the wānanga, ākonga will be introduced to the marine environment monitoring techniques used on the waka hourua, and to the design and construction techniques used by SailGP Technologies.

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