Learn from the past to 'STEER' toward a sustainable future



Kōkōkaha is the first RŪNĀ module to be up and running as a service for schools

We are currently designing and testing a second RŪNĀ module called Kōrinorino

We are now starting work on the final RŪNĀ module which is called Moanamana



RŪNĀ supports kiwi kids to learn from the past to ‘steer’ toward a sustainable future. RŪNĀ involves three modules:

  • Kōrinorino o Ngā Tupuna – Following in the wake of our ancestors (Social Studies and Local History - focuses on understanding local settlement stories).

  • Kōkōkaha – Harnessing the power of wind (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths - focuses on designing sustainable energy solutions).

  • Moanamana – Building NZL’s Blue Belt (Science and Education for Sustainability - focuses on restoring marine ecosystems).

Each module is made up of in-classroom learning experiences delivered by teachers, supported by a sailing experience, and followed by a call for learners to take action. Each module is designed for students in years 5 through to 10 but can be easily adapted for older or younger children.

Each module includes opportunities to develop water skills for life and safer boating skills to ensure kiwi kids learn and develop the knowledge and skills to safely enjoy our marine environment.

Kōkōkaha is the first of the three modules to be fully developed and was launched alongside New Zealand hosting the 36th America’s Cup.  The next two modules, Kōrinorino and Moanamana, will be designed, tested and piloted with the Motu Kairangi with the goal of going live to all schools in Aotearoa New Zealand in term 4 during 2022.

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Sport NZ is supporting the ongoing development of RŪNĀ  through the 'In Our Backyard' project


Emirates Team New Zealand supported the establishment of RŪNĀ as a legacy of the 36th America's Cup


MBIE and the Ministry of Education supported the development of RŪNĀ as part of Unlocking Curious Mind