What is it?

Kōrinorino is an integrated unit of work that focuses on the history, science, technology and maths associated with navigating. Kōrinorino learning experiences are designed to show progression for students in three phases from from year 4 through to year 10 and are intended to provide them with the skills and knowledge to understand the history of settlement of their area. Kōrinorino is available to schools and kura throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

What is included?

Kōrinorino includes classroom and sailing learning experiences. Classroom experiences include activities to help your students learn about the journeys of discovery to Aotearoa New Zealand and this is free of charge. Sailing experiences include going sailing and imagining what it was like to sail across the ocean to this land, this may have a cost associated with it depending on the local club. Learners use the skills and knowledge they acquire to retell the settlement histories of their area.

How to get involved?

Use the register section to let us know that your school or kura wants to get involved. We will then provide you with a copy of the teacher guides. 


Kōrinorino includes three sets of classroom learning experiences and a challenge to take action. Each classroom set has four learning experiences designed to help students develop the knowledge and skills to retell the settlement histories of their area. The challenge for ākonga  is to create a presentation of some aspect of the settlement of their local area. Register today and we will get you set up to start working on Kōrinorino with your students.

​​​​​​​OUR WAY





Kōrinorino provides the opportunity for your students to get out on the water and experience what it would be like to be an ocean navigator. Kōrinorino sailing experiences take place over a full day.

Up to 30 students can participate in each sailing experience day, which are facilitated by Yachting New Zealand qualified kāiako. All the boats and safety equipment are provided, as are permission slips and RAMs forms.

During the sailing experience your learners will get out on the water and be like an ocean explorer. They will also participate in a series of hands on activities to familiarise them with Kāpehu Whetū the Māori Star Compass. They will also get an introduction to safer boating practices and water skills for life.

You can check out the sailing experiences page to watch a video about what is involved and to see the activities that will take place when you visit the club.