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60% of the world’s marine ecosystems are degraded.

Moanamana is a project to take action on marine ecosystem degradation at the local level by creating a network of NZL Blue Belt sites around Aotearoa New Zealand's coastline and waterways. A group of organisations have come together to support young people to learn through and be kaitiaki of the marine environment, and in the process help them to be safe, feel connected, and be more active in, on and around the ocean. 


Moanamana has three phases - Establish, Expand, Embed. The first two of these phases are underway while the third is still in the planning process. Here is what is involved with the Establish and Expand phase of the Moanamana project.


Moanamana will pass through the piloting phase during 2023, after which Worser Bay in Wellington will become the prototype NZL Blue Belt site, providing a model for others to build from. 

Development of the prototype NZL Blue Belt site is supported by an Unlocking Curious Minds grant from MBIE.



Yachting NZ’s ‘strengthen and adapt’ project will begin to expand the RŪNĀ school and kura engagement framework to sailing and boating clubs around the country. A part of the 'strengthen and adapt' project, four further clubs will become tier one RŪNĀ hubs, delivering all three RŪNĀ modules, including establishing their own NZL Blue Belt sites.

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